Student Council


Student Council is an important part of our school. All members help with fund raisers, charity drives, school climate, and communication. We waited to start in January due to the Big Move- and we totally hit the road running the second week of January!  To be a member in Student Council, students must be in third, fourth or fifth grade, demonstrate leadership skills, keep up with school work and consistently work on SOARing like Eagles. We elected two representatives from each 3rd and 4th grade classroom, and three representatives from each 5th grade classroom. Joining Student Council is a commitment. The work is important, and students are expected to carry through with all of their responsibilities.  There is NO question that we have an extraordinary group of kids who are willing to do whatever it takes!!!

We are SO PROUD of our new Student Council- and how they have been flexible, eager, hard-working and started off with a bang… with Sparkle Grams!!!  It is hard to believe that we were able to pull it off- we cut, decorated and glittered 2200+ hearts (we even glittered the school hallways, stairwells, carpets, and hardwood floors…) and then sold, packaged and delivered them!  We made $2182.00 for the American Heart Association – giving ALL of the proceeds to AHA in memory of our fifth grade student’s mom, Jennifer Garcia, who just lost her battle against heart disease.  This fundraiser was very important to us, because it was so personal and we wanted to show our honor and respects as a student body to a very special mom who had volunteered countless hours for our school before she was so sick.  We are thankful for an opportunity to show how much we care!

We want our Student Council to represent all of our students. They are expected to come to meetings and to participate in most activities. Sparkle Grams gave the students a taste of hard work, sacrificing, and giving.  Our kids were so passionate about this project… and we told them clearly… there is more to do!  Are you up for it?  The answer was a resounding YES!!!  Our next mission was to elect officers…. And oh my! We had lots of awesome kids run for office- committed, responsible student leaders!!!!  There was no way to go wrong.  But here is our fabulous slate of our VOE 2015 Student Council Officers:  Dylan Dietrich, President; Zachary Griffith, Vice President; Brynn Wetzel, Secretary and Bryan Graham, Treasurer.  Congratulations to these awesome kids!

We expect our VOE Student Council members to always be SOARing… so be on the lookout for some phenomenal happenings around our campus.

Most Sincerely,

  • Student Council Sponsors Teachers: Jennifer Gillie, Sharon Huff, Rebecca Kim, Marcia Looper, and Amy Pierce
  • Parent Sponsor: Kim Graham