Calling all Valley Oaks Eagles! Soar like an eagle and let your imaginations fly!


It’s time for REFLECTIONS, the National PTA Creative Arts Contest.
This year’s theme is Let Your Imagination Fly!
The deadline for all entries is Wednesday, Oct. 21.

The categories are as follows…

• VISUAL ARTS: entries may be no larger than 24 x 30 inches, and two-dimensional only (no sculptures)
• LITERATURE: 2,000 words or less, either handwritten or typed (first grade and younger may dictate to a typist)
• PHOTOGRAPHY: no larger than 11 x 14 inches, photo montage, collage, and other manipulated images are fine, but no words or graphics can be added after
• FILM: less than five minutes long
• MUSICAL COMPOSITION: less than five minutes long
• DANCE COMPOSITION: less than five minutes long

There will be a special reception for all participants to reward and encourage our young creators! Students do not need to be amazing artists to do well in this competition. Judges focus on interpretation of theme, creativity and artistic merit.

Questions? Contact Josie Johnson or Julie Carrillo.
For rules and entry forms please